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Northern Rogue is a scientific visualization studio specialising in illustration, visualization, reconstruction, and teaching for the scientific community.

I focus mainly on 3D palaeontological specimen reconstructions and the visualization of palaeoenvironments, but commissions from all disciplines are welcome.

Working with scan data, photogrammetric reconstructions, thick and thin sections, or line drawings and literature, I bring your research to life. Using AAA game studio approaches, and a suite of software expertise, I reconstruct 3D scientifically accurate specimens. This includes repairing existing meshes, sculpting specimens from scratch, authoring textures, and exporting and rendering models. I create outcomes for continued scientific study, publication, science communication, and press. I am also available for technical support, and software training.

Unlike 2D work, 3D reconstruction generates multiple outcomes from one piece of work. Reconstructions can be rendered as still images, animated in a video, turned into interactive models, 3D printed, and used for further research. All of these outcomes branch from a single piece of work. If you want to showcase your research to the public and create powerful figure images, Northern Rogue is the studio for you.

For further information get in touch or email:

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The name Northern Rogue is the translation of the scientific name, Borealestes. This is a fossil mammal I reconstructed, working closely with researchers. By using Micro-CT scan data and reviewing the literature, I sculpted, retopologised, textured, filmed, and virtually published two skeletons of this fossil for use in two publications:

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